Post Show Report Reklama 2023

14 / 11 / 2023

The 30th edition of the International Exhibition for Advertising 

The 30th edition of the International Exhibition for Advertising Reklama 2023 became a showcase of achievements and new opportunities of the advertising industry. It was part of Russian Industry Week. 

The special significance of the event was given by the fact that the exhibition was held in the year when the professional community celebrates 145 years of Russian advertising.

Dates: 2326 October 2023

Venue: EXPOCENTRE Fairgrounds, Moscow, Russia

Organised by EXPOCENTRE AO

Supported by RACA the Russian Association of Communication Agencies

Assisted by leading industry unions and associations

Under auspices of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Exhibition area: 3,600 net sq m

Exhibitors: 214 companies from Russia and China, among them All Ready, Challenger, Bestly, Inari, Led-Vostok, Liyu Russia, Big Printer, Lasercut, Diamond Group, Papillons, Allart Service, Kami Association, Velles Group, Wink, Global Engineering, DiMedia, Destek, Smart-T, Technografika, ForDA, Zenon, Kovcheg, LED BERRY, Led Capital, RussCom Group, Nissa Distribution, etc.

Group stands: Ryazan, Kostroma, Kirov, and Vladimir regions

Total attendance: 17,000+ visitors

Show Highlights

The Reklama 2023 exhibition surpassed last years figures: by 50% in terms of the number of participants and by 40% in terms of the exhibition area. The participants were suppliers and manufacturers of outdoor advertising structures, LED displays, souvenir products, etc. About 40% of exhibitors were newcomers.

A wide range of products was represented by 166 Russian manufacturers and suppliers. Thanks to subsidies and co-financing of participation by regional authorities, regional stands were represented at the Reklama 2023 exhibition.

The trade show demonstrated a whole range of technologies and services for production and ordering of advertising: from content and promotion to production equipment and materials to manufacture all types of advertising media for outdoor and indoor advertising and navigation.

Different types of equipment were in focus: printing equipment (for digital printing on various types of materials from paper and textiles to glass, plastic, and wood), equipment for engraving, cutting, marking, embroidery equipment for textile branding, materials and modern technologies for outdoor advertising production. The exhibitors put on display new equipment, LED screens, light boards, and corporate merchandise. Agencies providing branding, marketing, SEO and online promotion services took an active part in Reklama.

The stands were manned by professionals and technicians who introduced new equipment, answered questions on the use of materials and their special properties, and advised on the advantages of advertising products and services.

Conference Programme

The trade show was accompanied by a busy conference programme.

The key event of the Reklama 2023 conference programme was the Strategic Session on Russian Advertising 2023: Market, Trends, Technologies, organised by EXPOCENTRE AO and supported by RACA the Russian Association of Communication Agencies. The session participants touched upon burning issues of the industry development, introduction of the latest technologies, including those based on artificial intelligence, measures of state and public regulation of advertising space.

The participants in the 12th International Forum Advertising Matrix 2023 discussed the main trends in the Russian advertising market.

The speech was about significant changes in the market, which entail a reconfiguration of the entire Russian advertising industry due to the withdrawal of products from the domestic market due to the cessation of investments from Western companies. In his speech, President at the Marketers Guild Igor Berezin gave a general assessment of the market, noting both trends of recovery growth and weak dynamics of consumer optimism and changing consumer behaviour in the new situation.

Industry experts spoke about changes in regional advertising markets and current trends in the advertising market. In their opinion, advertising labelling remains extremely important for advertising agencies. The speeches touched upon branding, the nature of changes in this area of advertising activity, including the active introduction of artificial intelligence.

The forum also discussed other aspects of advertising production concerning design, creativity, modern methods of brand management and advertising activities.

For the fifth time the Digital Textile magazine with the support of EXPOCENTRE AO held the conference on Digital Printing and Textile Decoration. The reports were devoted to the review of the Russian market trends and global innovations in the field of textile printing. Andrey Makachev, Director General at Smart-T, opened the conference.

Representatives of Allart Service, Double V, Velles, RussCom, Smart-T, T&T (Textile and Technology), and TechnoPrint told about textile printing solutions, i.e. equipment, software, and consumables. They familiarised the audience with the equipment for printing on natural and synthetic fabrics and knitwear, solutions for digital printing on ready-made products and cut, novelties in the field of DTF-printing.

The conference participants discussed the results of 2022 in textile printing in Russia and the world and the prospects for the coming years. They considered various aspects of textile printing as an actively developing type of business in advertising and production companies. The conference ended with a report by the event moderator Mikhail Shpilkin, representing the Digital Textile and Legprom Review magazines. 

An important event for manufacturers and customers of outdoor advertising was the VISCOM Signforum on Visual Advertising: From Organising Effective Production to Global Trends. The forum discussed trends in the outdoor advertising industry in Russia today, and what it will be by 2030; global trends in the production of signs in the review of Chinese advertising companies. They talked about mistakes in organising the business of advertising and production companies, how professional teams help to solve problems during the crisis, and how properly prepare a design for outdoor advertising.

The Reklama 2023 exhibition has become a showcase of achievements and new opportunities of the advertising industry. The participants discussed the present and future of the Russian advertising at the conference programme.

We look forward to seeing you at the 31st edition of the Reklama international exhibition, which will run on 2124 October 2024 at EXPOCENTRE Fairgrounds.

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