Advertising Matrix outlines advertising market trends

23 / 10 / 2023

The 12th International Forum Advertising Matrix 2023 has opened today within the conference programme of Reklama 2023 and Russian Industry Week 2023. Its participants will discuss the main trends of the advertising market in Russia.

The changes taking place in this market are significant and entail a reconfiguration of the entire Russian advertising industry.

Significant flows of investment in advertising from Western companies ceased to exist along with the withdrawal from the Russian market of the products they promoted in Russia. New products and new advertisers have emerged, changing the market. Today, requests for advertising from Russian producers, who are actively engaged in the development of domestic production and technologies with the support of the state, have gained new relevance.

In his speech, President at the Marketers Guild Igor Berezin gave a general assessment of the market, noting both trends of recovery growth and weak dynamics of consumer optimism and changing consumer behaviour in the new situation. According to him, up to 45% of consumers continue to experience stress, which affects both strategies and level of consumption.

There have also been changes in the regional advertising markets. Director at AMG Media Agency Sergey Balakirev from Ekaterinburg highlighted them in his report.

Other industry experts who spoke at the forum also touched upon current trends in the advertising market.

Special attention was drawn to the topic of advertising labelling, which remains extremely important in the practical activities of advertising agencies, as well as expert analysis of the legal restrictions of the advertising market in 2024-2025.

A separate area of discussion concerned branding, the nature of changes in this area of advertising, including the active introduction of AI technologies.

Advertising Matrix 2023 also touched upon other aspects of advertising production concerning design, creativity and modern methods of brand and advertising management.

In general, the discussion at the forum generated a lot of interest among the participants and visitors to Reklama 2023 and Russian Industry Week 2023.

Press Service, EXPOCENTRE AO