Feedback from the exhibitors and visitors to Reklama 2022

27 / 10 / 2022

Andrey Rozhkov, Regional Development Director at FORDA:

- Reklama is a good platform to bring ideas, new materials and new technologies to life, and to understand how they can be used in the final products to reach the customer. The exhibition should be held. It is effective.

Ivan Nechitaylo, Senior Sales Manager at CHALLENDGER:

- Reklama 2022 allows us to meet with all our partners from all over the country in one place. Here we bring a lot of equipment. We dont need a demo hall, and to promote our products, its enough to exhibit once a year at the Reklama show. Thanks to the exhibition, we already have over a thousand key clients.

Alexander Belov, Commercial Director at ZENON:

- This is a nationwide exhibition with customers from all over our country.

Anton Volkov, Manager of LASERCUT:

- It's not just Muscovites here. You can see that people from other regions willingly come to Moscow. 

A lot of business partnership agreements have been signed at this particular exhibition. One contract for the supply of equipment has already been signed today, and I think this is just the beginning

Egor Eregin, Sales Manager at TECHNOGRAPHICS:

- We are here not even for the purpose of selling, but to see new trends, to show our innovations and to find a balance between our interests and those of the customer market.

The exhibition pays off. It gives us the opportunity to see a perspective how to develop our brand