Advertising Matrix Forum discussed technologies for creating a successful brand

24 / 10 / 2022

The 11th International Advertising Matrix Forum opened the conference programme of the Reklama 2022, the 29th International Exhibition for Advertising. The forum was organised by KVK Imperia and EXPOCENTRE AO.

For two days, industry experts will discuss how advertising production companies can adapt to the current market realities. The advertising market has not been spared by the crisis, so it is necessary to look for new raw materials, build new logistics supplies, look for new customers, and focus on a new consumer.

The forum included the Conference on Strategic Challenges of the Advertising Market in the Times of Tough Sanctions: Analytical and Unconventional Approaches.

Nicholas Coro, Chief Curator of the Brand Management and Brand Technologies Research Centre (RCD&B), moderated the strategic session Tectonic shifts in the advertising world: what strategies can sustain the Russian advertising continent. In particular, he noted: "Despite the current situation, we are living and working, analyzing what is happening on the market, what to do about it and how to survive. And today we will try to go through all these stages by listening to the speakers".

Igor Berezin, President of the Guild of Marketers, spoke about the macroeconomic parameters and prospects for consumer markets in 2023. He pointed out four key economic challenges. These are demographics, logistics, inflation and economic growth recovery. According to the speaker, the growth of online commerce continues, which will exceed 12% of retail turnover this year and will continue to grow. The Russian advertising market will shrink by 15-25% in rubles in 2022, to around $7bn, which is 1% of the global advertising market. The reason is primarily due to shrinking market space. 

The speaker pointed to prosperous sectors. These are primarily IT and pharmaceuticals, repair and construction, logistics, warehousing and food processing. The disadvantaged sectors are tourism and hospitality, offline entertainment, automotive, aviation and passenger transport.

Anastasia Sidorina, representative of the ROMIR research holding company, spoke about consumer behaviour during the global shift and what advertising agencies should focus on when developing customer campaigns. "The focus of every business is people. Therefore, it is important to understand what happens to the customer, his mood and expectation, as the emotional component certainly affects his behaviour," said the expert. 

Vitaly Muzyka, representative of Small and Medium Enterprise Corporation, gave answers to the questions of how to obtain state and organisational support for advertising and production companies: principles of survival in a situation where western holders of advertising budgets are leaving.

Denis Raksha, founder and managing partner of the expert consulting company Neocon, drew attention to how to apply knowledge of macroeconomics, economic analysis, forecasts and research to develop an effective advertising campaign.

The strategic session was rounded off with a presentation by Anna Lukanina, representative of the Branding Companies Association of Russia, titled "The unprecedented happens: import substitution of foreign brands that left Russia".

The conference also included the Panel on the Future of Advertising Production Sector as a Building Block of the Advertising Market and a Focus Session on Outdoor Advertising: Transformation of the OOH Market in a Situation of Harsh Western Sanctions. 

Press Service, EXPOCENTRE AO