How digital technologies of Smart-T Company allow to quickly repurposing advertising production

18 / 05 / 2020

In today's challenging situation, the benefits of digital technology are becoming increasingly evident. When many enterprises in the country stop their work everywhere, when the demand for the yesterday demanded products falls sharply, it is important to be able to promptly make a change and start producing what is really necessary.

Smart-T Company, the constant participant of the Reklama exhibition and the leading Russian supplier of the equipment for the large-format advertising and textile printing, optimistically says that many of its partners, working in advertising, printing, souvenir and textile industries, already could repurpose the manufactures and to start release socially significant goods.

One the first companies taking steps in this direction is Fancy Armor, which produces accessories for tourism and travel. Its bright cases for suitcases, backpacks and bags, raincoats and travel pillows are well known in our country and abroad. Now the production of these most popular products had to be stopped, because due to the coronavirus epidemic the borders are closed and the tourism industry has almost stopped its activities. To overcome the crisis, the company's management promptly decided to switch to the production of reusable protective masks, the lack of which was felt everywhere in early April.

The company was able to make this transition quickly thanks to its production facilities - Mimaki JV150 sublimation printers (the most popular and affordable model of its class), TitanJet RTX4 high-performance calendar heat press (specially designed to work with finished cut of fabric) and PHOTONIM automatic laser cutter, which allows you to cut textiles and nonwovens, which are used to produce replaceable filter inserts for masks, with the highest precision. As the director of the company Elena Larina notes, today Fancy Armor company produces more than 600 masks daily, but the capacity of printing and cutting equipment, if necessary, will increase the volume by 10(!) times.

Many advertising companies also do their business in the spirit of the time. Equipment previously used for printing advertising graphics, laminating, cutting plastics and film is now involved in the production of public products.

Some advertising industry companies have switched to the production of plastic shields for cash desk zones and transparent protective masks for medical and trade workers. Others have reoriented towards the production of information stickers, warning signs and floor stickers for marking a safe social distance in public transport, retail stores, medical facilities and pharmacies. It is important to note once again that it was digital technology that allowed many companies to change their priorities as soon as possible during the pandemic and to launch products that were completely new to them.

The equipment installed by Smart-T all over Russia has convincingly demonstrated its effectiveness in the re-profiling of advertising and textile industries. Mimaki's JV150/JV300 and SWJ-320 EA large format eco-solvent printers, UCJV and JFX series roll and tablet UV printers, TS300P and TS55 textile printers, MEFU laminators nowadays perform one of the most important tasks of public education and prevention in the field of health care. The iECHO automatic cutters and PHOTONIM laser machines with the highest productivity, cutting accuracy and the widest range of materials are the equipment that gives companies in extreme conditions the opportunity to quickly reorient themselves to new areas and return to normal production without loss after the resumption of usual economic processes.

In its turn, Smart-T Company also does not stop working. It carries out planned installations of equipment, conducts technical consultations on a hot line, holds negotiations with partners and provides prompt service support and repair, regardless of the territorial distance of the client. Dozens of clients of Smart-T thanks to digital technologies, Mimaki, iECHO and PHOTONIM equipment managed to stay afloat and keep their invaluable teams. Relying on the support of Smart-T company, many manufacturers will be able to survive difficult times and, importantly, to perform a significant social task.

Smart-T Company is waiting for you at Reklama-2020 at the stand 1C50.