Industry support

Association of Communication Agencies of Russia (ACAR, also known as RARA before 2004)  is a leading and biggest professional association of Russian commercial communications market actors. Founded in 1993, ACAR declares as its primary objective the protection of interests of the advertising community, the promotion of a civilized advertising market in Russia, etc.  ACAR is a member of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Russia and the European Association of Communication Agencies (ЕАСА).

International Retail Marketing Association, POPAI,  founded in 1936, is a leading non-profit association of retail marketing industry actors. As of today, POPAI GLOBAL unites 17 national associations and communities comprising 1,400 companies worldwide. The POPAI Russia non-profit partnership is an independent entity of POPAI GLOBAL founded in April 2004. POPAI Russia is an association of expert marketing companies focused on the promotion of sales and point of sale design. POPAI RUSSIA is an umbrella to marketing and branding agencies, production holdings and acclaimed brands.